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  • Daniel Poage, General Manager
    (205) 986-7100

    Daniel has been with Audi Birmingham since January 2017.  He brings a wealth of knowledge having been in the luxury car business for over 16 years.  He is married and has two beautiful little daughters.  He has owned multiple Audis and is a life long fan.  Daniel is a 2017 graduate of Sonic Automotive's General Manager Leadership Academy and took over as the General Manager after 3 years as the GSM. 

  • Jolee McMurry, Service Director
    (205) 986-7210

    Jolee came to Audi Birmingham in 2021 from BMW.  She has been with Sonic Automotive since 2015 and brings a wealth of knowledge to our service department.

  • Casey Hemphill, General Sales Manager
    (205) 986-7110

    Casey came to Audi Birmingham in February 2016 after 8 years as a Sales Guide at Land Rover Jaguar Birmingham. He has also worked briefly with Ford and Hyundai in sales and sales management roles.  Casey has been with Sonic Automotive for more than 16 years as a sales associate, finance manager and CPO manager and has graduate from both Variable Operations Academy and GM Leadership Academy.  Casey enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters when he is not working.

  • Jonathan Harris, Sales Manager
    (205) 986-7130

    Jonathan has been with Audi Birmingham since January 2015.  He previously worked as an Audi Brand Specialist and Technologist, and now works the desk as one of our Sales Managers. When Jonathan is not working he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to his hometown of Kansas City, Mo. He is married with 2 wonderful children.

  • Jordan Whisenhunt, Finance Director

    Jordan has been the Finance Director with Audi Birmingham since 2017.  He was previously with Tom Williams Porsche/Audi in 2012, and has worked for several other luxury brands, and brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to our store. Jordan excels in being thorough and taking care of our guests financial needs.  In his off time, Jordan enjoys playing golf, and spending time with his wife and daughters. 

  • Hannah Blackall, Finance Manager

    Hannah has been with Audi Birmingham since September 2016.  She is a wealth of Audi information.  She is one of our tow finance managers and prides herself on providing a great customer experience.  She enjoys spending time with her two children when she is not working.  Her husband Bryan is an Audi Service Technician.

  • Daniel Williford, Parts Director
    (205) 986-7401

    Daniel has been the Parts Manager here at Audi Birmingham since 2015.  He has been with Audi for more ten years and thoroughly loves working with the brand. Ask him about current Audi Collection gear.

  • Alex Salter, E-Sales/Portfolio Manager

    Alex has been a Certified Audi Brand Specialist with Audi Birmingham since February 2018 and now manages E-Sales and campaign leads for us.  He brings a wealth of luxury automotive sales experience from his time with our local Land Rover and Jaguar dealerships.  Alex is originally from Bristol, UK.  His additional talents include audio and video editing, which we utilize for our social media marketing.  He is married and has three daughters.

  • Steve Colter, Audi Brand Specialist
    (205) 986-7129

    Steve came to the automotive industry in 2007 after having previously spent over 20 years in the restaurant business.  He has been with Audi Birmingham since February 2008 and is our most tenured Audi Brand Specialist.  Steve specializes in providing great customer service and says that he feels "blessed to work with such an outstanding product".  Helping people find the right vehicle to suit their needs is his top priority.  In his off time, Steve enjoys competing in obstacle course races and has even competed on American Ninja Warrior.  Steve drives an Audi Q3 and his wife has an Audi A3.

  • Kelly Misso, Audi Brand Specialist

    Kelly is a Certified Audi Brand Specialist that came to Audi Birmingham in January 2016.  Kelly brings more than 15 years of automotive sales experience to our team.  He is an avid sports fan and enjoys supporting our local high school football programs.

  • Esau Carter, Audi Brand Specialist

    Esau came to Audi Birmingham from Montgomery, AL in March 2019.  He has been with Sonic Automotive for more than 5 years.  Esau is a Certified Audi Brand Specialists and prides himself on being thorough and providing a great customer experience.  In his spare time, Esau enjoys fishing, officiating high school football and spending time with his family. 

  • Tammy Antonucci, Audi Brand Specialist

    Tammy came to Audi Birmingham from Audi Lubbock in Lubbock, Texas in August of 2019.  She brings a vast knowledge of the Audi Brand and excels in providing a world-class customer experience. She is also one of our Audi Technologists and helps to solve any customer tech issues.  

  • Davis Darrow, Audi Brand Specialist

    Originally from Michigan, Davis comes to us from Hoover, AL with a wealth of industry knowledge.  He has experience in E-Sales and is currently one of our Audi Technologists that helps to solve any customer tech issues.  Davis has owned several Audis, including RS3 and RS5, and has become known for is many creative nicknames.   

  • Matt Damron, Audi Brand Specialist

  • Kourtland Perry, Audi Brand Specialist

  • Tom Fleming, Audi Brand Specialist

  • Marc Scott, Service Advisor

    Marc came to Audi Birmingham in May of 2017.  He moved into the service department as an Advisor after spending 3 years as a Certified Audi Brand Specialist.  Marc knows the Audi product very well, and is committed to providing excellent customer service.  In his spare time, Marc enjoys building, woodworking and remodeling his house.

  • Jennifer Jarrette, Inventory Manager
    (205) 986-7431

    Jennifer was a wonderful addition to our team who joined us September of 2012. She loves spending time with her family and friends when she is not working and enjoys going to the lake.

  • Robin Valdez, Warranty Administrator

  • John Bond, Service Advisor

  • Derek Barnes, Shop Foreman

    Hi!  I have been working on vehicles for over 32 years.  I have been with Audi since 1998. I have 3 children and am an avid Alabama football fan! I look forward to servicing and maintaining your Audi!

  • Bill Sullivan, Technician
    (205) 986-7100

  • Bryan Blackall, Audi Technician
    (205) 986-7100

  • Gabriel Newport, Audi Technician
    (205) 986-7100

  • Mitch Stroud, Technician

  • Alex Brown, Technician

  • David Knight, Audi Technician

  • Jonathan Toner, Technician

  • Jacob Boonstra, Technician

  • Cameron Lawrence, Technician

  • Brandon Locke, Parts Advisor
    (205) 986-7402

  • Dillon Moss, Parts Advisor
    (205) 986-7410

  • Garry Terrell, Porter

  • Willie Rutledge, Detail Specialist

    Willie has been a fantastic addition to the Audi family.  He thrives on providing customers with a fantastic driving experience through his expert detail techniques.  After finishing school at UAW, he went to West Palm Beach to start his career in the automotive field.  He enjoys painting cars, traveling, and creating new things.