At first glance the 2020 Audi Q3 might look like just another luxury crossover in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with them. But the new Audi Q3 has taken a different approach that should appeal to Birmingham drivers of all persuasions. With the 2020 Q3, you’ll have control over your whole driving experience, so you can always have exactly what you want behind the wheel. Find your perfect Q3 model in the new inventory at Audi Birmingham!

Custom Driving Dynamics

The most comfortable seats in the world can’t soften an inherently harsh ride. The smoothest power steering can’t improve handling on its own. With Audi Drive Select in the 2020 Q3, you’ll have control over the adaptive damping system as well as a range of other driving dynamics, that truly let you set up your Q3 to suit your needs.

Looking for a comfortable cruise? Put the Q3 in Comfort mode and you’ll enjoy a softer, smoother ride thanks to softer dampers. A slower steering response makes your maneuvers smoother as well, and lowered shift points offer acceleration without all the jolting.

On the other hand, if you want to whip through a series of S bends on a backroad adventure, dynamic mode is here for you. Quicker steering, a stiffer suspension, and aggressive shift points give you the sporty feel you want to truly test the limits.

There’s even an off-road mode for when your adventures take you off the beaten path! This lets the Quattro system know to expect some slippery conditions and softens the suspension so you don’t take a beating over the bumps.

Visit Audi Birmingham Today!

Explore the Audi Drive Select system on the 2020 Q3 when you visit Audi Birmingham today! Located just around the corner from the Pine Tree Country Club, we’ll get you behind the wheel of the new Q3 for a test drive so you can see all the new features first hand.

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