Touch Up Scratches to Preserve the Look of Your Vehicle

Repair of minor scratches in your vehicle provides several advantages. It prolongs the paint job and also prevents surface rust from developing. Finally, it makes the vehicle look better. With a little work, covering those unsightly marks will pay off in the long run and be well worth the time and effort.

The first step in this job is to obtain matching paint. This is done by obtaining the paint "codes" on the VIN or sticker on the driver’s side door. If you can’t find it, bring it to our dealership and we’ll find it for you.

While here, obtain some ultra fine sandpaper and polishing compound. These are used to prepare the surface to allow the paint to adhere. When sanding, clean as little surface area as possible. Use a tack cloth to clean away dust. Apply paint with a sprayer or brush.

If you feel this job is too big to take on, visit our dealership and let our trained body technicians to handle it for you.



Categories: Service
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