Does the Audi S3 Have Any Power?

The S line of vehicles produced by Audi have an immense amount of power. Though the Audi S3 Sedan has an all-wheel intelligent drive that supplies torque to every wheel, the distribution is configured to provide the most power possible to each wheel to supply the most grip to the road. The intelligent nature of the all-wheel drive is what makes the Audi S3 so powerful..

The Audi S3 is powered by a 2.0-Liter engine that generates 29horsepower in a wide range that includes 5,44 rpm to 6,200 rpm delivering 280 pound-feet of torque over a range of 1,900 rpm to 5,300 rpm. What this means is that power is delivered steadily over a wide range of rpm, which translates to an incredible 0 t0 60 mph performance in just 4.6-seconds.

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