Signs of a Leaking Exhaust Pipe or System

A car that is purring with a quiet sound as you’re driving down the road in Irondale, AL is music to a car owner's ears. It’s the sound of a "healthy" exhaust system. But, how do you know if an exhaust system is in need of repair and catch it before the sound turns unpleasant?

You can identify small sounds that will give you clear indicators. Listen for a small "hissing" sound from the undercarriage of your vehicle. It can become even more distinctive once you accelerate the engine and immediately release the gas pedal. Typically, the sound will be heard more clearly as the acceleration decreases.

More than likely, there is a small hole in the exhaust that unfortunately will only expand as time goes by, which will make the hiss turn into a louder sound and an indicator of something more severe. Contact Audi Birmingham for all of your exhaust repairs and upgrade needs!

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