What are Fan Shrouds?

One of the main jobs of your engine's cooling system is to remove the heat from hot coolant before it recirculates back into the motor. To do this, the system needs a constant supply of cool air flowing over the radiator-core and the engine itself, and the fans help to supply this mass of air.

While the fans have a critical role in engine cooling efforts, they need help with their assigned task. This help comes in many forms, but one of the most important backup players to your radiator fan is your radiator fan shroud.

Fan shrouds are passive air-flow improvement devices. They mount behind your radiator and around your fan blades. In this position, they channel air-flow directly over your radiator and improve cooling-rates in the process.

Here at Audi Birmingham, our skilled and experienced technicians always make fan-shroud inspections part of their engine-cooling system check-up list. If you want to maximize your cooling efforts and you would like a comprehensive cooling system inspection, visit us today for service or to order Audi parts and a fast, no-obligation consultation.

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